Laura professional photo_croppedBorn and raised in a small town just south of Buffalo, New York, I planted myself in Northwest Arkansas after a few trips moving cross country. I have loved the act of creating my whole life and got my first SLR at the age of 15. I guess you can say I'm old school because I grew up shooting film.  I learned digital photography in college (actually, I got my degree in Graphic Design).

Photography is my way of capturing moments in time- I guess you could say it's how I prefer to tell stories. Professionally, I've shot everything from cars to food and babies, but some of my favorite subjects are kids and toddlers, animals, ballerinas and food. 

I live in the way far outskirts of Fayetteville (call me crazy if you like- I love the country!), where my finance and I have three dogs, two cats and a dozen chickens. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, cooking, volunteering, boating, and various DIY projects.